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Basics of SEO and Choosing Right SEO Company in India

If you want to dominate online marketing than Search Engine Optimization is the mantra for you. A good SEO Company can help you a lot. Let’s discuss What it is? What impact it has? And How it can help you?

Its a process of bringing your keywords in top ranking positions in Major Search engines ie Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Its process is very very simple and it can drive more and more traffic to your website. SEO traffic is quality traffic and it boosts your revenue. However, it’s not that easy as it appears, to rank higher in search engines. Its need Unique content, Well optimized website, Link Popularity etc.

SEO is the very important factor for any online business. Now let’s talk about the agencies that can provide Search engine optimization services. There are lots of agencies out there providing SEO services. Don’t forget that if any Good SEO firm can hit your business then a Bad SEO can damage your online reputation and you might end up being penalized by Google. Here I am suggesting some helpful ideas which can provide you certain tips for choosing a Good SEO Company in India.

1). If an SEO Company is guaranteeing you #1 Ranking position in Google or Bing then you should not go with them. According to Google, no one can guarantee a #1 ranking position. In most cases, it happens and people lose their money to some fake search engine optimization and online marketing services provider firms.

2). The second most important factor is their previous work. If they are failed to provide you with any projects they worked before then don’t choose them. However even if they provide you with some, ask them for reports that they were used to send to clients. It would be nice they could provide your google analytics access or monthly/weekly reports. Google analytics or website access may not easy due to privacy concerns but they must provide you previous reports.

3). Check the Page Rank of Service Provider website. It should be at least 4 or 5. If they failed to optimize their own website, you must understand its a risk to trust them. Page rank depends upon many small factors so if they have a good page rank they have the good reputation in Google search engine.

4). Check the ranking positions of their company website in Google, Yahoo or other major search engines. If they failed to get any ranking positions then why choose them?

5). Read Reviews. If you have decided to hire any firm after checking their records than as the last thing check their customer reviews, verify them. It will give surety that they worth it or not? Be careful of fake reviews, Many firms are providing fake reviews these days and they all appear natural. Do little inquiry about them and you will know the truth whether they are fake or real.

6). if you have already hired any firm, maximum wait for 2 months to see improvements. Improvements mean any ranking position improvement. If you are not able to see keywords in Google after 2 months. Be Smart, You must know what to do…?

7). Check if their website is penalized or not? If their website is penalized by google then you must ask them about it? If their website is penalized by any search engines then they must have done something unnatural. Ask them and be safe!! Unnatural practices can rank any website for the shorter time but when search engines find them they get penalized and disappear from Google Search Engine Ranking Pages.

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Recommendations – If any new firm says that employees working here is experienced and have worked in many good companies before, You can trust them. In my personal experience, they can provide you with more good results than firms. The reason is simple they are energetic, they know you could provide them more business, they know your reviews can build or destroy their reputation. You can ask them to provide SEO services for free for the first month and if they agree and you see results in the first month, Go for it.

You must keep in in mind that SEO is a marathon so don’t try to play it as a sprint. Don’t pressurize your firm to give top ranking positions in 2 months or so on. If they do unethical practices then you will get ranking surely but later your website will get penalized by Google. So it’s better to wait than not appear in Search engine Ranking Pages.

These steps will definitely help you choose the right SEO firm. We are providing SEO Services in India for the last 7 years. We have analyzed what is best for clients and what not? So if you follow these steps you can get good Ranking positions easily with the help of right SEO Services providing Firm.