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Building The Perfect E-commerce Website For Your Startup

The website is an identity of business, enterprises, and organizations on the internet. They have the ability to earn millions without needing any salesman and ultimately generate revenues for the company.

But for a startup, how important is it to reach out to other people outside the physical domain? What are the costs involved and how difficult is it to create an online presence for a startup?

I guess we will have to find it out.

Creating a Domain

First of all, what you need to do is come up with the perfect domain name. You need to express your objectives in the name while keeping it simple and catchy. Adding your personal sentiments within the name is unto your discretion, but if the name has to meet its mark, it must be easy to type and pronounce. The domain name limit is set up to 67 characters, but filling them all up is not the wisest of ideas.

Selecting Hosting Server

For website development, this is the second most important task while building a website for your startup. You will have to choose a strong and reliable server to trust your data with, one that does not crash or run scarce on bandwidth.

Some of the most popular hosting companies include:

  1. CloudFlare Hosting
  2. GoDaddy Hosting
  3. Amazon AWS

For a startup, it is recommended that you start off with shared hosting. It is a safe and budget-friendly solution for your online presence where you can easily abandon if things go south.


Startups are risky and adapting to them in an online store could be difficult. It will be the website that represents your ideals and business objectives towards the client.So make sure you deliver them as effectively as possible. Add user perspective in your website’s interface and upload fresh content on a regular basis.