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Google Algorithm Changes in 2018 – An Overview – OnlineWithHitesh

1). After Google’s recent algorithm update came Chrome began showing all non – HTTP sites as not secure. Update came on July 24 but its showing to users using latest chrome version.

2). On July 21st 2018 Web masters detected huge flux in their ranking. However Google did not confirm it.

3). July 9 2018 Google has rolled out Mobile page loading Speed update. Google announced that website loading speed in mobile devices will be a major ranking factor. However they said it will only affect slowest websites. No major ranking flux is detected.

4). Google replaced organic like video results in carousal. It came in to affect on 14 June, 2018.

5). On 23rd May 2018, Web masters detected another flux in ranking. However Google did not officially announced it.

6). On 13th May 2018 Google reduced the length of snippets from 300+ character to 150-160 characters.

7). On 17th April 2018, Major fluctuations in Google Ranking Results Which peaked on 17th April and continue affecting till a week. Google announced it a core update but did not name it.

8). On 26th march 2018, Mobile first index was rolled out. Web masters should begin to see notification in search console or Web master.

9). On March 14th 2018, Google started showing 0 organic results and show all results button. It continue till one week only. They might thinking of it.

10). On 8th March 2018, Another update rolled out, Google named it Core Update and did not provide any name. Glenn Gabe given its name “Brackets”.

11). Ranking Showed a spike in vitality around 20th February. It settled down quickly. Google did not confirm it.

Let me know your view on these updates …