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Organic Visitors to Customers – OnlineWithHitesh

Its a very common question in SEO – How we can confirm that we are going to right directions? Its very important actually i think. SEO is not a Sprint but its a Marathon. I see a huge competition in between SEO and PPC. Some people Choose SEO Consultants while other choose PPC and some choose both. PPC is very productive actually if your agency have well qualified marketing professionals. You can get leads from first day if optimized properly. On the other side SEO will take time. Normally 2 – 4 months. Here We are going to discuss about how to confirm that we are going to right direction in SEO.

1). Keep Your Meta Tags Clean and According to Keywords – It can provide you advantage in getting more people interested in your Website. Very very First Impression a organic visitor get is your Meta Tags. They only see your Meta Tags not your website, So even if you make your website visitor friendly add user friendly content to it. Keep your navigation clean and lets assume you have perfect website. Visitor dont know this because they see hundreds of same websites in Google searches. So Your Meta tags should be catchy, According to visitors interest etc.

2). Keep Check of Your Competition – Most people hates competition but they can be great source of inspiration for you. Even when we are loosing focus we can check on them and somewhere it boost our confidence. So don’t forget them and keep a check on them. Learn from them.

3). Don’t Add Too Many Pages – Even if you are doing well in SEO and your keywords are improving in Google. Keep a good check on your pages. I have seen many websites with multiple pages. Now you will ask – How they can harm your reputation? So my friend they might not affecting much your ranking but improper management can make you loose visitors. When any organic visitors came to your website they have multiple choices. Dont forget every marketer trying to provide best to their customers. So normally visitors open 3 websites simultaneously. So if you have clean websites they get clear impressions about your services and that increase your chances of getting leads.

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We will continue in next articles… Purpose is to fill you with some knowledge and get any suggesion from you. For any queries and suggesions you can contact me at – If you have any questions add them below and will come up with next article for you.